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A quality, faith-filled education is of itself a tremendous gift. It is a gift to be passed on to the next generation and certainly a gift that can never be taken for granted. Teaching and learning cost much more than they did thirty years ago; the price of modern technology is more than a ruler, a calculator, or a typewriter. We can no longer rely on religious orders to teach our Catholic school students; consequently, teachers’ salaries must remain competitive with those in the public schools. As tuition increases to support the operations of our vastly larger campus, the need for tuition assistance becomes more acute.

Especially in times of economic flux and uncertainty, we need the faithful support of the private and corporate community to help us meet our needs and to ensure that our school stays strong and continues to thrive. If you have benefited from a Catholic education or appreciate the value of such an education, please consider how you might be able to help the school financially. Your donation will support our educational efforts in so many ways as we continue this important work in the education and faith-formation of our youth, the future generation of leaders in our Church and in our society.

Ways of Giving

There are several ways to include St. Joseph’s Catholic School in your philanthropic plans. Whether your gift is small or large, restricted or unrestricted, designated for current use or deferred, St. Joseph’s faculty and most importantly, its students, are sure to benefit.  Such support is the critical element in determining future programs and the enhancement of current operations. With every donation, St. Joseph’s students benefit from scholarships, new academic programs, equipment, and new facilities that your gifts provide. Please prayerfully consider how you can philanthropically support St. Joseph’s:


Cash gifts may be made through checks payable to St. Joseph’s Catholic School.


An outstanding way to memorialize a deceased friend or relative is with a donation to St. Joseph’s, where the impact of your gift lives on in the lives of our students. The honoree’s family will be notified of your gift.

Significant tax advantages may be realized through gifts of appreciated securities. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible. Read more for detailed instructions on Stock Transfer Procedures. 

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many of St. Joseph’s benefactors are eligible for corporate matching funds. Simply visit your company personnel office to determine if St. Joseph’s is an eligible recipient. If so, ask for and complete your company matching funds request form. Include this completed form with your check or VISA/MasterCard remittance, and St. Joseph’s will do the rest. 


This form of gift may be made through the conveyance of goods or services for which the school is not billed. As per IRS regulations, the donor should provide the school with a value of the gift-in-kind by completing the attached In-Kind Donation Form. The school will then provide a letter verifying receipt of the gift-in-kind.

Real Estate

Gifts of this form may be given to the school and will be recorded at the fair market value as determined by a licensed real estate appraiser. 

Is my gift to St. Joseph’s tax-deductible?

As a non-profit organization, St. Joseph’s is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c) (3) of the 1986 Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, contributions to the school from individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations qualify as tax deductions. St. Joseph’s has been given the Internal Revenue Service identification number of 57-0965988.

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