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Spirit Week Raises $30,606.81 in Support of Lead Collective

Spirit Week Raises $30,606.81 in Support of Lead Collective

The results of a highly successful Spirit Week were revealed during halftime of this past Friday night's football game. A total of $30,606.81 was raised for Lead Collective and its ministries.

A big congratulations and thank you to Dean of the House Program Mrs. Koffskey; House Leaders Lillie Hecker, Eli Ireland, Kaitlyn Dach, Mateo Simon, Adelia Stefanik, Mason Brierton, Caroline Powers and Graham Houck; and all the others who helped to make the week such a huge success!!

Among the many activities to raise money for Lead Collective during Spirit Week were volleyball (for High School students), spikeball (also for HS students) and dodgeball (for Middle School students).

The winning team on the first night of volleyball was Team 1: Walker Jones, Jacob Guirao, Henry Eilers, Martin Simon, Austin Dodge and Matt Patterson. The runner-up was Team Gaffney, with Men in Black in third place and Hard Hitters in fourth.

Another night of volleyball was added, and the winning team members were: Eli Ireland, Meyer Hoover-Dempsey, Max Hoover-Dempsey, Graham Houck, Reid Feldman, Joe Patterson, Aidan Flaherty and Mateo Mazza.

In the spikeball competition, brothers Dominik and Daniel Leon-Osorio defeated Davidson Chou and Will Saunders for the championship.