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Spirit Week Pep Rally: From Fall Sports to Leg Hair Removal

Spirit Week Pep Rally: From Fall Sports to Leg Hair Removal

Friday's Spirit Week Pep Rally provided a variety of entertainment for students, staff and faculty. The pep band played, the cheerleaders performed and the fall sports teams were recognized.

Then it got a bit crazier.

A shadow boxing competition was held, with junior Brayden Johnson emerging as the champion (and he was presented with a belt to prove it).

Then, in the spirit of Spirit Week, because $1,000 was raised by 2:00 PM that day, the four male House Leaders -- Eli Ireland, Bakhita; Mateo Simon, Drexel; Mason Brierton, Molla; and Graham Houck, Romero -- and Coach K had some leg hair waxed off with duct tape.

The Spirit Award, with cheering measured in decibels, was won by the 7th Grade.


As a postscript, the leg hair activity turned out to be less painful than expected so it was repeated Monday in the JPII Center. Click HERE for a video of Coach K in pain.

In addition, Monday's Faculty Challenge called for three teachers -- Beth Jones, Patrick Martin and Sean Chapman -- to learn a dance (The Griddy) taught to them from students if $100 were raised for each of them. It was, and they did!


The money being raised will benefit the work of Lead Collective and its three ministries: GOAT, Eleos and Reach. Click HERE to read more about Lead Collective and its mission.


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Director of the House Program, Teacher