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SJCS Community Takes Part in 24-Hour Theatre Extravaganza

SJCS Community Takes Part in 24-Hour Theatre Extravaganza

The SJCS Fine Arts Department kicked off the new school year with a "24-Hour Theatre Extravaganza" -- plays written, rehearsed and prepared to perform within a 24-hour period of time.

Thirty students, alumni, parents, and staff rose to the challenge, participating as writers, actors, directors and crew members as they created three short plays to be performed on Saturday, August 12. The event started with a gathering Friday evening to allow the actors to audition for the directors and writers.

Writers - junior Jacob Guirao, freshman Ryan Lanza and graduate Sara Gushue ('21) -- departed that evening with the task of writing a 10-to12-minute script for five actors. Finished scripts were due the next morning when the directors gathered to read and cast the plays.

After enjoying a quick breakfast, directors, actors, stage managers and crew members set off to begin rehearsing their plays, planning tech cues and pulling props and costuming. Tech rehearsals began after lunch and the shows were ready to perform that evening!

Many congratulations to all of those involved with bringing these plays from the page to the stage!

"The One About Time Travel"
Written by Ryan Lanza
Directed by
 Max Orbon
Performers:  Cares Elder, Lincoln Davis, Rick Gushue, Russell Shea, and Abby VanderLinde
Stage Manager: Abby Green

Written by Jacob Guirao
Directed by Grace Betit

Josh Bannio, Antony Manavalan, Karl Orbon, Cecilia Suarez, and Aisley Zare
Stage Manager: Emily Olsen

“Taco Debacle”
Written by Sara Gushue
Directed by Christopher Suarez

Avelina Cornell, Jacob Exposito, Marj Malphrus, Joseph Mosley, and Gus Suarez
Stage Manager: Bennett Duncan

Additional crew and production assistants: Isabella Delacruz, Jayda Demirel, Jacob Guirao, Sara Gushue, Natalia Montes, Palmer Saad, and Ella Starks

Click HERE for photos of those involved during their preparation and HERE for photos from the event.