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Sixth Graders Hear Message, Dig In, Help Overseas Youths In Need

Sixth Graders Hear Message, Dig In, Help Overseas Youths In Need

Sarah Kelley of Set Free Alliance, a Greenville organization whose primary mission is to bring awareness of Christ to African and Indian communities, recently spoke to students in our Sixth Grade Academy.

The Sixth Grade Academy has been involved with Set Free Alliance for about five years, with students in the Academy back then having taken action when they heard the presentation.

While spreading God’s message in India and Africa, the missionaries at Set Free Alliance found that it was difficult for people to understand God’s unconditional love when they lacked basic human needs, such as fresh water. By digging water wells, they realized that if they could provide clean drinking water, the people were more receptive to the message of God’s love.

At the same time, they learned that, sadly, many children in these countries were being taken from their families and forced into slavery, working in slate and brick mines. Therefore, Set Free Alliance also works to rescue these children. At the same time these villages are enjoying the life-giving benefits of clean water, their children are enjoying life-changing experiences: being rescued from slavery, medical attention, educational opportunities and a chance to learn a trade.

One of the trades being taught is tailoring; in learning to sew, young girls in the program use donated fabric to sew stuffed elephants. The girls then sell the elephants, donate the proceeds to rescue other children being held in slavery, and dig wells, thus breaking a cycle of misery and continuing a new cycle of hope.

Five years ago, our Sixth Grade Academy felt the Lord’s calling to help this organization dig a water well in Africa and raised the money by selling the elephants that were especially made by the children rescued out of slavery.

Again this year, they are selling these beautiful elephants to raise money to dig a new well. If you would like to aid our students in this worthy endeavor, you may purchase one (or more) elephants (large = $15.00; small = $10.00) by contacting Mrs. Crosby.

Click HERE for more information about Set Free Alliance.