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Middle School Encore Students Showcase Talents in 'Annie Jr.'

Middle School Encore Students Showcase Talents in 'Annie Jr.'

The SJCS Middle School students who participated in the Musical Theatre Encore program during the first semester showcased their work with a wonderful performance of Annie Jr. on Wednesday, January 24 in the JPII Center.

Under the direction of Ms. Teresa McGrath, Mrs. Christina Harvey and Mrs. Tami Kiser, these students showcased a variety of talents, many in multiple roles.

Congratulations to all!


Avelina Cornell: July / Annette / NYC ensemble
Presley Dunlap: Pepper / Mrs. Greer / NYC ensemble
Kiara Rivera: Molly / Mrs. Pugh / NYC ensemble
Luciana Romero: Kate / NYC ensemble / Sandy #3
Bristol Wannemacher: Tessie / Sandy #2 / President Roosevelt
Izzy Sanchez Casanova: Duffy / Dog Catcher / Cecille / NYC ensemble / Louis Howe
Lili Franek: orphan / Apple Seller / Drake / NYC ensemble
Reese Martin: orphan / Sandy #1 / Maid / Lily
Esther Kiser: orphan / Grace
Catherine Hamilton: Annie
Ainsley Culbertson: Miss Hannigan
Xander Shea: Bundles / Rooster / Bert Healy
Beck Fayssoux: Officer Ward / Warbucks