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Leadership Speaker Series Features Grace Church Pastor

Leadership Speaker Series Features Grace Church Pastor

Matt Williams, the Founding and Teaching Pastor of Grace Church and the latest in the Leadership Speaker Series, spoke to SJCS students about Christ-centered leadership earlier this week.

Matt was introduced by sophomore Baylor Jennings, the director of the Leadership Speaker Series.

A graduate of Clemson University and Dallas Theological Seminary, Matt planted Grace Church in 1995 with seven members. Today it consists of nine campuses and is engaged in a variety of community outreach efforts such as Front Porch Housing, Mill Village Ministries and Jumpstart.

Matt said there are four key aspects of leadership:

  • "If you are trying to lead, you are generally not going to be super popular with the people that you lead because you are trying to do what God wants, or what's ethically best, or what's morally best, or what's in their best interest, which is not always what they think they want."
  • "We tend to use leadership as a form of status to gain affirmation for people. Once you're heartbroken because you didn't get the appreciation you think you deserve, you know at that moment you're doing it for all the wrong reasons."
  • "Leadership by its very nature, according to Jesus, is sacrificial. I'm going to be depleted so that you can be blessed, and that is the normal stock and trade of leadership."
  • "There is a certain amount of appreciation that you get when you lead and you care for people and you try to provide for them, but a lot of that reward comes later and in another world and not in this one."

"When you are leading people," he said, "the question you want to have in your mind is: Is this about them being blessed, or is this about me being blessed?"