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Football Team Commemorates Memorable 2023 Season

Football Team Commemorates Memorable 2023 Season

The SJCS football team recorded another memorable season in 2023, matching the school record with 11 victories and advancing to the Upper State championship for the second year in a row.

Along the way, the Knights registered a 7-0 second-round victory on the road against top-ranked Lewisville, shutting out a team that had been averaging 51 points per game. Then they avenged a regular-season loss against rival Southside Christian, beating the Sabres on the road, 27-14.

The team celebrated the season with the 3rd Annual Knights Football Banquet on Friday, February 9 at St. Mary's Catholic Church's Gallivan Hall, at which the following awards were presented:

ST. JOSE SANCHEZ del RIO - Young, Rising Star Honor
For excellent performance of a JV/Freshman player in practice and games that we expect to make a great on-field contribution on Varsity. *Typically this player has seen little to no reps on Varsity. -- Nick Passerrello

ST. PAUL - Sacrificial Honor
For the player who may have a role(s) thrust upon him as the need arises and his performance was up to the challenge. -- Hammond Fayssoux

ST. JOHN the BAPTIST - Loyalty & Motivational Honor
For the player leading the charge in SPIRIT & motivation, both from the sidelines & on the field (leader of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of our team). -- Brogan Poole

ST. MICHAEL - Knockdown Honor
For the top (physically dominant) lineman in putting defenders on their backsides. -- Walker Wolfram

ST. OLAF - Relentless Honor
The player recognized as delivering punishment to the other team in the form of big hits and/or being most RELENTLESS. -- Gabe Nelson

ST. THERESE of LISIEUX - In the Trenches Honor
The player recognized for his strength of play (and need) on the line of scrimmage, on offense or defense, typically both. -- Walker Wolfram

ST. JOSEPH of CUPERTINO - High Flyer Honor
Player who has led the team in receiving/PBUs/interceptions and is known for being a reliable ball-hawk when the ball is in the air. -- Michael Poinsette

ST. ISAAC JOGUES - Comeback Player Honor
Player who sustained an injury/injuries and was able to overcome adversity and contribute to the team. Last year injury and returned or in-season injury and returned. -- Harrison Zinkann

ST. MARTIN of TOURS - Good Soldier Honor
Player who has consistently done what was asked, summer workouts, weight room, attendance at practice, etc. with no complaints despite perhaps not getting as much time on the field (or stats) as others. -- Hayden Courchaine

ST. SEBASTIAN - Iron Man Honor        
Player who has distinguished himself by his commitment to the team in the weight room - both for pounds he lifts and frequency he is there. The camaraderie builder. -- Johnny Jaraczewski

THOMAS AQUINAS - Scholar-Athlete Honor
Player who distinguishes himself as not only an athlete, but an exceptional student, both with his own grades and in supporting teammates as a mentor. A high IQ ballplayer. *This is typically a Senior Award. -- Johnny Jaraczewski

KING's Knight - Honor Award
Player who exemplifies the Warrior SPIRIT in all ways: effort, toughness, team leader, mentor to younger players, coachable, consistency, and ability to lift his teammates to the next level. *This is typically a Senior Award. -- Johnny Jaraczewski

MVP: Best All-Around Football Player-Johnny Jaraczewski
Most Improved: Most Improved Varsity Player-Lucas Salgado
Offensive Player of the Year: Best All-Around Offensive Player-Brayden Johnson
Defensive Player of the Year: Best All-Around Defensive Player-Johnny Jaraczewski
Coaches' Award: Most improved JV to Varsity Player-Jackson Campbell