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SJCS Community Honors Namesake on Worker Day

SJCS Community Honors Namesake on Worker Day

For more than two decades, St. Joseph's Catholic School has set aside one day each year to do charitable work in the community. We call it St. Joseph the Worker Day because it typically falls on the Friday closest to the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, celebrated by the Catholic Church on May 1.

However, this year it was moved from April 28 to May 19 so that we were able to plan a more impactful St. Joseph the Worker Day.

On that day, students, staff and faculty members were helping in a variety of ways, including those on campus (cleaning the library, classrooms and the grounds; making flashcards, blankets for the Ronald McDonald House and products for the Humane Society; and washing buses); and in the community (at Front Porch Housing, Greenville Center for Creative Arts, Harvest Hope and Holy Redeemer Church, among the many sites).