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St. Joe's Celebrates 30th, Barbara McGrath's Service

St. Joe's Celebrates 30th, Barbara McGrath's Service

The Founders, current and former trustees, employees and friends of Saint Joseph’s Catholic School gathered to celebrate its 30th anniversary on Tuesday, May 23.

The contributions of Founder and current Admissions Director Barbara McGrath, who announced her retirement from full-time employment after three decades of dedicated service, also were recognized and celebrated.

In looking back over the years, Mrs. McGrath spoke about the school's first decade; Bill Coffey, parent of six SJCS graduates and a former Director of Development, recalled the second decade; and Dr. Steven Jones, Director of the High School, talked about the past 10 years.

Then Leanne Koffskey, a Theology teacher and 2008 SJCS graduate, and Gabe Lewis, Campus Minister as well as a Theology teacher, beautifully described the impact Campus Ministry is having on students, not to mention on campus leaders.

In commemorating the milestone of the 30th anniversary, Head of School Keith Kiser also offered a peek into the plans for the future, specifically the capital campaign that will lead to the building of the Saint Joseph's Way Center.

Mrs. McGrath's family is steeped in Catholic education, and Mr. Kiser announced that thanks to the generosity of one of her siblings and in recognition of her many years of service and dedication, the large meeting space in the new building will be called McGrath Hall. Also, at her suggestion, the building will be called the Founders Saint Joseph's Way Center.

Those at Tuesday's event were honored by the presence of seven of the nine Founders: Louis Beck, Mary Cotter, Barbara McGrath, John McGrath, Nancy McGrath, Tom McPartland and Bradley VanName. The only two missing were Janelle Malone, who was unable to attend; and Founding Board Chair Margaret Ann Moon, who passed away in December 2014.

All in all, it was a night to remember for the St. Joseph's Catholic School community!


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