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Students Enjoy Yearbooks, Breakfast, Spring Team Day

Students Enjoy Yearbooks, Breakfast, Spring Team Day

Spring Team Day was held on Friday, May 20, and the competition between the Bakhita, Drexel, Molla and Romero Houses was a great way to cap off a big day of end-of-the-year activities at St. Joseph's Catholic School.

Yearbooks were distributed, and seniors and juniors had a chance to look them over and have them signed while enjoying breakfast in the gym.

Then Team Day commenced, with kickball, water balloon toss and a variety of relay races among the many activities creating smiles and generating excitement among the students.

Just as in the fall, Drexel House came in first, but most important was a repeat of the energy, enthusiasm and pride brought about by the competition.

Congratulations to all on making it another great day to be a Knight!!

Click the links for photos of the breakfast and Team Day.





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