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SJCS Staff Enjoys Day of Driving, Riding at BMW

SJCS Staff Enjoys Day of Driving, Riding at BMW

The St. Joseph’s Catholic School faculty and staff held their end-of-the-year meeting at the BMW Performance Center on Tuesday, June 1.

The group met in the morning and then was treated to a wonderful lunch. Afterward, about 40 members of the SJCS staff and faculty participated in the BMW Performance Center Driving School Experience.

First, they were officially welcomed by Corporate Sales Representative Mr. Doug McGrath, who gave the group a comprehensive overview of BMW’s North American headquarters. Next, Mr. McGrath introduced them to their instructors, all of whom are either current or former professional race car drivers.

Then, they took to the roads (and off-roads) in some incredibly high-performance BMWs — sometimes on four wheels and sometimes on two wheels (see first video below) and often at very high speeds.

And in the end, SJCS staffers had the good fortune to ride with the instructors during the hot lap (see second video below), getting a feel for racing at its finest — and fastest!!

Thank you again to the SJCS administration, the BMW Performance Center, Mr. Doug McGrath and all of the amazing instructors for an unforgettable day!!

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