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8th Grade Convocation Mass and Awards

8th Grade Convocation Mass and Awards

St. Joseph Catholic School’s eighth grade celebrated the 2020-2021 year on Wednesday, May 19 with the class’ Convocation Mass and Awards Ceremony.

Along with the eighth-grade academic awards, the Middle School Teacher of the Year award also was presented.

The Deacon Robert Brady Middle School Excellence in Teaching Award is presented annually to one Middle School faculty member who demonstrates commitment and dedication to St. Joseph’s Catholic School, while exemplifying the spirit of teaching in all walks of life. The award is selected by a vote of the Eighth Grade Class.

The 2021 Deacon Robert Brady Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Mrs. Jean Crosby.

The 2021 Eighth-Grade Subject Award winners were as follows:

Art: Allison Kim
Band: Meghan Noonan
Chorus: Jayne Womack
History: Caroline Getz
Literature: Sadie Butchko
Math: Allison Kim
Religion: Daniela Fernandez
Science: Allison Kim
Strings: Sadie Butchko
Theatre: Abby Green

Art: Matt Patterson
Band: David Schofield
Chorus: Max Orbon
History: William Gillepsie
Literature: Charlie Thom
Math: Paul Leong
Religion: Max Orbon
Science: Josh Linebaugh
Strings: Wesley Mitchell
Theatre: Max Orbon

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