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St. Joseph's students make YIG 2021 a huge success

St. Joseph's Catholic School's participation at Youth in Government 2021 was a great success! Fifty-four students served in a variety of positions and leadership roles.

Juniors Colin Slater and Margo Schellinger were elected to the positions of Superintendent of Education and Speaker of the House, respectively. Freshmen Peyton Jenkins and Caroline Feldman received a Best Bill Award for their bill to reform the DSS, and junior Josh Lagleva received an Outstanding Statesman Award.

Senior Maurena Supra received an Excellence in Leadership Award. Seniors Patrick Reese and Maurena Supra received seven-year pins for their dedication and participation in YIG since the 6th grade. All seniors will receive YIG cords to wear at graduation.

The following bill pairs had their bills passed and signed by the Youth Governor: Aiyana Vasallo and Jane Poinsette; Sadie Butchko and Rory Clements; Sydney Slater and Emerson Tate; Felix Gracki and Josh Lagleva; Riley Couchell and Mia Piccutta; Juanita Rodriguez and Arianna Vasallo.

Congratulations to everyone for a great YIG convention!