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SJCS Grad Speaks to Psychology Class

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month and as part of its study on the development of children, Mrs. Carr’s Psychology class recently had a guest speaker, Megan Kopscik Munn (SJCS Class of 2009).

Megan spoke to the students on a Zoom call from her Charleston office, where she serves as a guidance counselor in a school. Megan majored in psychology and worked specifically with autistic and learning-differentiated students in the Clemson Life Program and at Our Lady of the Rosary in the Upstate.

Megan talked to the class about how students on the spectrum view academics and teen life in general. She shared coaching techniques she uses, and she also shared an interview with a former student who is now a young adult about his struggles and advancements in education and the job market. Mrs. Carr’s students asked insightful questions, and in a debriefing later in class, shared what they learned from the meeting and interview.

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