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Molla House

St. Gianna Molla: Gianna Beretta Molla (October 4, 1922 –  April 28, 1962) was an Italian Roman Catholic pediatrician. She refused both an abortion and a hysterectomy while pregnant with her fourth child despite knowing that her refusal could result in her own death, which did later occur. She also dedicated herself to charitable work amongst older people and was involved in Catholic Action, as well as aided the Saint Vincent de Paul group in its outreach to the poor and less fortunate. Molla's beatification was celebrated in 1994, and she was canonized as a saint in mid-2004 in Saint Peter's Square.

Head of House: Mr. Lane & Mrs. Quinones

Student House Leaders: Noah Watts & Elaina Mulholland

Middle School Households

  • The Courtly Jesters (Mrs. Bors & Mr. Taylor)
  • The Royal Chargers (Mr. P. Martin & Mrs. Wilkins)

High School Households

  • The House of Gallowglass (Mr. Chapman & Mrs. Lumbreras)
  • The House of Durendal (Mr. Koon & Mrs. McCoy)
  • The House of the Black Falconers (Mr. Brooks & Mrs. Orbon)

Mass & Confession Schedule

Our relationship with Jesus Christ is developed as a free response to His love for us. One concrete and irreplaceable way of encountering Him is through the sacraments of the Catholic Church, which are made available to the students and staff on a frequent basis.

All Masses are also open to parents.

Monday: HS Mass: 11:30 AM
Tuesday: MS Mass: 10:40 AM
Wednesday: All-School Mass:
10:32 AM
Thursday: Rosary: 3:30 PM
Friday: Confessions after school: 3:00 PM