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Drexel House

Sr. Katherine Drexel

Katharine Drexel (November 26, 1858 – March 3, 1955) was an American heiress, philanthropist, religious sister, educator, and founder. She was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church in 2000; her feast day is celebrated on March 3. She was the second American to be canonized a saint and the first one born a U.S. citizen. She was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2011.

Feast Week: November 13-17

Feast Day: March 3

Quote: "Press forward and fear nothing."

House Deans & Leaders

Frank Kucinic

Greshan Charlton 

Kaitlyn Dach 

Mateo Simon 

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Leanne Koffskey

Director of the House Program, Teacher