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Bakhita House

Sr. Josephine Bakhita

Josephine Margaret Bakhita (ca. 1869 – February 8, 1947) was a Sudanese-Italian Canossian religious sister who lived in Italy for 45 years, after having been a slave in Sudan. In 2000 she was declared a saint by the Catholic Church. She is venerated as a modern African saint and as a statement against the brutal history of slavery. She has been adopted as the patron saint of Sudan and of human trafficking survivors.

Feast Week: February 5 - 9

Feast Day: February 8th

Quote: "In God's will is our peace."

House Deans & Leaders

Keith Perham

Elaine Trakas

Eli Ireland 

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Upcoming Events

Leanne Koffskey

Director of the House Program, Teacher