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House Program

Introduced as the Household Program in 2001 and restructured in 2020, the SJCS House Program is designed to cultivate a family atmosphere on campus where students are known, accepted, and loved as individuals, as well as to provide student leadership opportunities. This program helps to ensure that all students’ academic, personal, and spiritual needs are known and met during their years here.

The student body is divided into four Houses, and within this structure, students are split into 38 small, single-gender Households. The four Houses are Bakhita, Drexel, Molla and Romero. Each of the four Houses has two faculty members who serve as Head of House and two senior House Leaders. Each Household, then, has a faculty member who serves as the Household Dean and two student leaders whose roles are to make all students feel welcomed and loved.

Boy and Girl Households form Brother/Sister Teams that come together for activities, competition, and camaraderie. Households promote the school’s mission by providing greater care to all students as individuals, while at the same time strengthening a sense of community.

The Household Dean becomes the primary contact with the family to help ensure each student’s success while at St. Joseph’s. The Household Program also includes a place for parents to get involved, belong, and feel part of the school community.

Middle School Households
The Barbarians
The Courtly Jesters
The Crusaders
The Dark Knights
The Dragon Slayers
The Midnight Riders
The Noble Squires

High School Households
The House of the Black Falconers
The House of the Chivalrous Paladins
The House of Durendal
The House of Gallowglass
The House of the Golden Swan
The House of the Gryffins
The House of Lionheart
The House of the Numinous Knaves
The House of the Red Rose
The House of the Royal Legends
The House of the Vikings
The Order of the Golden Spur

Mass & Confession Schedule

Our relationship with Jesus Christ is developed as a free response to His love for us. One concrete and irreplaceable way of encountering Him is through the sacraments of the Catholic Church, which are made available to the students and staff on a frequent basis.

All Masses are also open to parents.

Monday: MS Mass: 10:40 AM; HS Confessions: 11:30 AM
Tuesday: MS Confessions: 10:40 AM; HS Mass: 11:30 AM
Wednesday: All-School Mass: 10:25 AM
Thursday: Rosary: 3:30 PM
Friday: Confessions after school: 3:00 PM