Caroline Kane



  • BS in Science Education with Chemistry Concentration, NC State University

I began teaching in 2020
I began at SJCS in 2020

Running, reading, baking

Favorite Quotes:

“This is, so to speak, the divine aspect of love. In point of fact, to desire ‘unlimited good’ for another person is really to desire God for that person: He alone is the objective fullness of the good, and only His goodness can fill every man to overflowing. It is through its connection with happiness, with the fullness of the good, that human love comes closest to God.” — St. John Paul II

“Don’t forget that you are just a trash can. So if by any chance the divine gardener should lay his hands on you, and scrub and clean you, and fill you with magnificent flowers, neither the scent nor the colors that beautify your ugliness should make you proud. Humble yourself: Don’t you know that you are a trash can?” — St. Josemaria Escriva

Interesting Facts About Me:

I went to NC State planning to be a chemical engineer and ended up in the Paper Science and Engineering Program for two semesters. While at NC State, I entered the Church during the 2018 Easter Vigil at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral and met my husband, Adam, through NC State’s Catholic Campus Ministry.

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