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Encore! Program

The Encore! Program is an afterschool program middle school students that gives students the opportunity to dive deeper in the fine arts program at Saint Joseph's.

Beginning Tuesday, August 22, classes will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays (3:15-4:15) throughout the fall semester - with the exception of Musical Theatre which will run through January 25. Students can choose one class each day - and can also select a one day only registration option if they prefer to only participate in one class. (Class descriptions are below.)

Each class will also offer one “Parent Observation Day” during the semester; this will be scheduled by the individual instructors. No additional time will be used outside of the scheduled after school class sessions - with the exception of Musical Theatre (refer to description above).

Registration Cost

One Day (student attends Tuesday only OR Thursday only): $150

Two Day (student attends both Tuesday AND Thursday): $250

*If a student wants to participate, but there is a financial challenge, contact Teresa McGrath.


*Students must be registered by Tuesday, September 5th to participate for the fall semester.