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The dance program at St. Joseph’s has primarily three goals in mind.  One is to introduce students to the role that dance has played in cultures throughout history, both nationally and internationally.  This is done by learning dances from different countries and different time periods.  The second goal is to help students to become familiar and improve upon their movement, coordination, skill development, and musicality through the traditional modern modes of dance, mainly ballet, tap, jazz, and modern .  This is done to some degree in all the dance classes, but in particular, through beginner and intermediate classes in those disciplines.  The third goal is to encourage students to use the medium of dance to create and express.  The is done through choreography opportunities that take place in all dance classes.

Currently, St. Joseph’s offers both introduction classes and intermediate classes in both Modern Dance (ballet, tap, jazz, and modern) and Social Dance for High School students.  After school classes are offered for Middle School students in ballet and jazz.  An elective high school club for the Dance Ensemble meets weekly during the club period.