Student Government

High School Student Council
Moderator: Keitt Brace
President: Ishan Lal
Vice President: Matthew Willson
Secretary: Ben VanPelt
Chief of Staff: Abby Seidel
Treasurer: Jack Doyle
Junior Representative: Christian Cancello
Sophomore Representative: Jack Velky
Publicity Chairs: Lucina Frank, Maggie Patterson, Madison Powers
Community Outreach Chairs: Caroline Gallagher, Margo Schellinger
Spirit Chair: Zach Larkin
Team Day Chair: Andrew Walajtys

HS Student Council
High School Student Council

The SJCS Mission Statement entails the creation of “a joyful Catholic school culture” that will “nurture each student’s awareness of his or her unique God-given vocation and foster his or her desire to live out that call.” For some students, this call entails a desire to be a “servant-leader” among their peers, putting their time and gifts at the service of the student body. The high school student council is a group of student servant-leaders, both elected and appointed, that works to create the joyful environment prescribed by our mission statement.

The chief responsibilities of the student council are:

  • Planning and executing the annual “Spirit Week” to benefit a local charitable organization and build school spirit among the students
  • Planning and running all high school dances (the Welcome Back Dance in the late summer, Homecoming in the fall, MORP in the winter, and Prom in the spring)
  • Representing the concerns and needs of the student body before the administration of the school

SJCS HS Student Council Mission Statement
The Student Council will…

  • Serve the greater good of the community by constant involvement in service and outreach programs
  • Encourage interscholastic bonding with neighboring schools
  • Promote a positive environment by sustaining school spirit throughout the entire academic year
  • Build a sense of community within each grade

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