Household Program

One of the unique characteristics of the SJCS experience is its extended family atmosphere where students are known and loved as individuals. The Household program was introduced in fall 2001 as a way to cultivate this atmosphere even as the St. Joseph’s student body grew larger.

In an effort to see that no student “falls through the cracks” at St. Joseph’s, the Household program strives to break down class/age barriers. With the goal of promoting the school’s mission by providing greater care to all students as individuals, the program also strengthens the overall St. Joseph’s community through friendship, competition, discussion, mentoring, prayer, and planning.

Household serves to build strong relationships between students and faculty. It also serves to increase student leadership opportunities, helping to bolster St. Joseph’s mission of educating young people to become tomorrow’s leaders. Finally, the program increases the school’s ability to provide pastoral care to each and every student.

The St. Joseph’s student body is divided into single-sex Households, with 24 Households in the high school (12 boys and 12 girls) and 14 Households in the middle school (7 boys and 7 girls) for a total of 38 Households school-wide. Each high school Household is composed of students in grades nine through twelve and each middle school Household is composed of students in grades six through eight. The upper class members in each Household (seniors or eighth graders) assume the role of student leaders. Each male Household is paired with a female Household to form brother-sister pairings, and twice each year, the Household groups compete against other brother-sister teams during Team Competition Days.

Students gather in Household each morning for attendance, announcements, morning prayer, etc., with time set aside later in the day for the afternoon Household period. Household gatherings serve as an opportunity to plan for and carry out Household activities.

Each Household is under the direction of a faculty member known as the Household Dean. Deans serve as advocates, mentors, and guides. They are charged with nurturing each student’s academic, social, and spiritual growth, and can help each student under their care by knowing and meeting the student’s individual needs during his or her years at St. Joseph’s. Each Dean is assisted by a parent helper who serves to assist the Dean with Household activities as well as providing guidance for new families.

Middle School Households
The Barbarians
The Courtly Jesters
The Crusaders
The Dark Knights
The Dragon Slayers
The Midnight Riders
The Noble Squires
High School Households
The House of the Black Falconers
The House of the Chivalrous Paladins
The House of Durendal
The House of Gallowglass
The House of the Golden Swan
The House of the Gryffins
The House of Lionheart
The House of the Numinous Knaves
The House of the Red Rose
The House of the Royal Legends
The House of the Vikings
Order of the Golden Spur
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