Community Service

St. Joseph’s is committed to the belief that “Life grows by being given away” (Evangelii Gaudium, n.10), and so places a strong emphasis on forming minds and hearts dedicated to service. As such, the school requires its students to complete a specified number of community service hours each year.

Please see below for service requests recently submitted to the school by the local Greenville community. To be added to this list, contact Campus Minister Gabe Lewis.


Date Location Details
Ongoing Homestead Hospice We are actively seeking volunteers to meet with patients to provide comfort and companionship, assist in our office, and/or create crafts as needed for our patients. Contact: Megan Poupore
Ongoing The Family Effect The Family Effect serves families and children affected by drug and alcohol abuse, seeking to help families stay intact and find healing. There are many needs including childcare, spending time with the mothers living at Serenity Place, doing work around the property, etc. Contact: Sara Smith
 Ongoing Let There Be Mom Let There Be Mom is an organization that supports moms and dads who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases by helping them preserve a legacy for their children. They have several events throughout the year and often need help promoting these events, hanging posters around town, and otherwise getting the word out. Contact: Jane Cochrane


Student Service Hours Submittal and Approval Process

Students should fill out a Community Service Hour Documentation Form for each project, and submit it to his or her household dean for approval and recording. All service hours  must involve voluntary service, carried out during the school year or in the previous summer, rooted somehow in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy:

The corporal works of mercy are:
The spiritual works of mercy are:
To feed the hungry

To instruct the ignorant
To give drink to the thirsty

To counsel the doubtful
To clothe the naked

To admonish sinners
To harbour the harbourless

To bear wrongs patiently
To visit the sick

To forgive offences willingly
To ransom the captive

To comfort the afflicted
To bury the dead

To pray for the living and the dead
Community Service Requirements for Graduation

A total of sixty-five hours are required for graduation. Community service must be completed within the current school year or the previous summer. Many community service opportunities benefiting the greater Greenville community are announced throughout the year.

Freshmen 10 hours per year
Sophomores 15 hours per year
Juniors 20 hours per year
Seniors 20 hours per year
Total 65 hours
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