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Community Service

St. Joseph’s is committed to the belief that “Life grows by being given away” (Evangelii Gaudium, n.10), and so places a strong emphasis on forming minds and hearts dedicated to service. As such, the school requires its students to complete a specified number of community service hours each year.

Required Community Service Hours

A total of sixty-five hours are required for graduation. All service hours must involve voluntary service, carried out during the school year or in the previous summer, rooted somehow in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Middle school students do not have a required number of service hours to complete, but they are encouraged to actively participate in the wide variety of service opportunities available in the school and in the community.  Middle school students at St. Joseph's learn that they can and should play an important role in bringing Christ's love and care to those in need.

The corporal works of mercy are: The spiritual works of mercy are:
To feed the hungry To instruct the ignorant
To give drink to the thirsty To counsel the doubtful
To clothe the naked To admonish sinners
To harbour the harbourless To bear wrongs patiently
To visit the sick To forgive offences willingly
To ransom the captive To comfort the afflicted
To bury the dead To pray for the living and the dead
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