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SCOIR provides solutions for Students, Counselors, Parents, and Colleges focused on finding the right fit through a unified college search and planning network.

What can it do?

  • Better understand your “fit” in a college
  • Show student skills, achievements and abilities instead of focusing on GPA and test scores
  • Compares colleges in a very interactive way
  • Links to selected third party resources (i.e. College Board, Financial Aid, College Athletics, College searches, etc.)
  • Tracks deadlines
  • How Do You Compare Scattergrams
  • College Visit Schedule
  • Understand real costs of college/tuition
  • Parent accounts
  • Personalized surveys to track college/career interests
  • Used in the College Counseling Office to track and send documents relating to the college admissions process

How to access your SCOIR Student Account

Classes of 2023-2026 were sent an invite via SJCS school email.
If you do not currently have that email, please email College Counseling for another invite.

Colleges Visiting SJCS

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Heather Driscoll

Director of College Counseling

Jenn Albright

College Counselor

Melissa Broering

Academic Associate

Carol Curry