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The College Tour TV

The College Tour is a TV series brought to you by multi-award-winning producers.  The series tells the story of colleges and universities around the world. Each episode of The College Tour focuses on a single college or university. From campus life, academics, housing, sports, activities, and much more… each student-driven segment gives the audience an inside look at what it’s truly like being a student at the featured college or university. Join us for a truly one-of-a-kind series featuring colleges and universities in a way they have never been seen before! 

You can watch new episodes on their website or on Amazon Prime

For your convenience, take a look at this spreadsheet of all the colleges that have been featured on the series. On it, there is a tab to search by TV SEASON or you can search by STATE. There are over 110 episodes on colleges across 36 states. They have episodes on big state Universities, small private colleges, Community Colleges, HBCUs, and Christian Colleges, and even Spanish-language episodes.

Colleges Visiting SJCS

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Heather Driscoll

Director of College Counseling

Jenn Albright

College Counselor

Melissa Broering

Academic Associate

Carol Curry