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Cornell Universtiy Precollege Studies Program


Cornell University's Precollege Studies Program offers rigorous online courses taught by top Cornell faculty.

As one of the nation's longest running and most highly regarded precollege academic programs, it gives motivated students the chance to

  • Get a head start on their college journey while earning 3 to 8 credits
  • Build college study skills during engaging Ivy League classes
  • Prep for college applications with one-on-one admissions counseling
  • Enhance their college applications with an impressive Cornell transcript
  • Have fun connecting with diverse students from around the world

Students choose from dozens of three-week online undergraduate Cornell courses in the arts, business and hospitality, international relations, science and technology, veterinary medicine, and more. More courses will be added in the coming months.

Courses are offered between May 30 and August 1, 2023. Limited financial aid is available.

Application is open now and there are variable application deadlines in May or June depending on the chosen session.

Colleges Visiting SJCS

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Heather Driscoll

Director of College Counseling

Jenn Albright

College Counselor

Melissa Broering

Academic Associate

Carol Curry