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Six years ago when we applied to St. Joseph's after touring, we felt an overwhelming draw to the school.  We were not only looking for a strong academic home for Ishan, but also an environment that would grow his moral and social character. As you know, living in Greenwood has presented a challenge, however, the sacrifices we have made have been so worth it, given the holistic success Ishan has had. With the nurturing of teachers, coaches, and staff, in faith filled surroundings, Ishan has thrived. The sense of fellowship Ishan has felt and the feeling of community we have felt as a family has reinforced that this was the best decision we could have made. St. Joseph's has grown Ishan academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally, and for this we will be forever grateful.
Megha and Sumeer Lal
Parents of Ishan (Class of 2021)

I have had such a positive experience with St. Joe’s since the very beginning. My daughter Katie enrolled in the middle school shortly after it opened. She graduated from SJCS and went straight to Clemson University. The St. Joe’s faculty is amazing. Values that I teach at home are reinforced at school. The academics are strong, and every resource imaginable is available to the students. I couldn't ask for a better environment for my children. SJCS prepares students for college and also prepares them for going out into the world as a positive role model. The school’s mission of "forming the minds, hearts, and souls of its students in the likeness of Christ" is exactly what our children need. 
Helen Herbert
Mother of Katie (Class of 2012), Zander (Class of 2023), and Troy (Class of 2028)

In the early months of the pandemic, while most other schools remained mostly virtual for several months, the leadership at St. Joseph's did its research and crafted innovative, scientifically-sound ways to bring our students back to where they learn best: the classroom. They mandated masks, held classes outdoors, socially distanced, diligently isolated, and contact-traced when necessary, and they successfully provided an as-close-to-normal-as-possible year for our kids.  My daughter enjoyed her final track and cross country season, a fun outdoor prom, and a memorable graduation--all thanks to the servant leadership that makes St. Joe's such a remarkable place. I have never been so proud to be part of this community.
Maya Powers, M.D.
Mother of Josh (Class of 2019), Madison (Class of 2021), and Caroline (Class of 2024)

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for everything you do for me as a teacher. You listen when I need an ear, you always give great advice, and you never cease to create a joyful environment for those around you. I am beyond thankful for the letter of recommendation you wrote for me on such short notice. Thanks to you, I have the opportunity to attend a summer program I have been dreaming of forever. Words cannot express my deep appreciation and admiration for you.
Margo Schellinger (Class of 2023)

The decision to enroll our children in St. Joseph’s Catholic School is, to date, one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only do our kids realize an outstanding academic education (which is our primary goal), but they are also privy to an amazing opportunity to participate in a top notch athletic program. They are taught time management skills, leadership skills, accountability, communication skills, and an appreciation of what it means to work as a team. They have an understanding of what it means to make a decision that affects more people than themselves. They are taught to appreciate that adaptability, persistence, and patience are all necessary components of success. They are taught to accept constructive criticism from coaches and mentors, and to make adjustments in attitude and circumstances accordingly. We feel most fortunate and blessed to be a part of this amazing community!
Paul and Casey Velky
Parents of Jack (Class of 2023) and Lily (Class of 2026)

Thank you for the way you have taught and led Silas in the classroom and with his faith. When Silas came to SJCS, we knew one day that the mission to make disciples of Christ and to form students into His likeness was indeed a true purpose for the school and not just lip service. For his father and I, Silas’ decision to be confirmed, and particularly with a few peers after graduation, signifies your passion and the fruitfulness of your mission, and we could not be more excited about his decision. We are grateful for your support, provision, and leadership in that front. Your passion at SJCS for discipling your students is abundantly apparent and clearly effective.
Tresh Crosby
Mother of Silas (Class of 2021)

Please accept this note of appreciation and gratitude, to you and everyone at St. Joe’s, including the leaders and the teachers, as well as the ‘doers’ and the donors. My children are enjoying beginning and being back and they are proud of their school. All of them appreciate being there, being part of what they sense is a real school, a real Catholic school. The staff’s heartfelt attention to the school’s mission is truly a gift to us all. And please extend my gratitude to all who make it possible for us to be there. Being able to bring all three of my children there each morning could not happen without your donor’s generous help and support. Thank you all.
Murph Ivey
Father of Charlotte (Class of 2023), Maria (Class of 2025) and Murphy (Class of 2025)

My daughter was extremely well-prepared for her freshman year at an Ivy League university. Thanks to St. Joseph's, it was second nature for her to stay ahead on assignments, aim for academic excellence, and integrate service and physical wellness into her schedule. She carried an arsenal of tools with her when she graduated! She recently took on a part-time job with a campus resource group that helps freshmen who are struggling. It was a challenging interview process and she was able to pull on her service experience while at St Joe's to qualify.
Kimberly A. Mudar
Mother of Julia VanPutte (Class of 2020) 

As a parent, I always wanted my children to be involved in their school community in a way that would enrich their lives. To my surprise, this took me on a journey at St. Joseph’s that I did not expect.  My greatest fear was having my sons play football – the fear of injury, concussions, etc. terrified me. Thanks to the support of an amazing teacher that also served as the middle school coach at the time, I encouraged my son in his decision to play football and saw him grow and flourish in ways that astounded me. Sports were my oldest son’s best experience at St. Joe’s, and one he still cherishes. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be advocating for football and helping serve the program, I would've told you I was not going to be that mom. God has a unique sense of humor. This experience gave my oldest son the confidence and support system he needed to help become involved and lead in other areas of the school. The mentoring care and concern of our coaches goes above and beyond. Not only did they encourage him along the way, they always remained true to the mission of our school in forming the hearts, minds and souls of our children in the likeness of Christ. Now, with only my youngest son, I am confident that his experience will enrich him the way it did my older children and throughout their lives. 
Mary Salgado
Mother of Carolina (Class of 2018), Marcos (Class of 2020), and Lucas (Class of 2025)