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Honors Aerospace Science II

Course: 324

Grade Level:
Course Length:
1 Semester
.5 Credit
  • Aerospace Science I
  • Departmental approval

Course Description:

Aerospace Science II builds on the concepts learned in Aerospace Science I and seeks to prepare the student to pass the FAA Part 107 written examination leading to their certification as a commercial drone pilot. Topics will include aerodynamics, robotics, aerospace human factors, flight operations, and U.S. aerospace law and regulations pertaining to the safe and legal operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Laboratory experiences will focus on integrating the concepts learned in class into the student’s practical knowledge of drone flight operations. Although the course is geared towards successful certification, students will not be required to take the FAA written exam.

*Must take Honors Aerospace I & II in the same year to meet science requirement or the class will be counted as an elective.

Textbook/Class Resources:

Materials will be made available by the instructor and student accounts charged accordingly.