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Honors Aerospace Science I

Course: 323

Grade Level:
Course Length:
1 Semester
.5 Credit
  • CP Algebra II with 90 average or Honors Algebra II with 85 average
  • Geometry 
  • Departmental approval

Course Description:

Aerospace Science I introduces students to critical themes in the field of aviation and space science. Topics covered include meteorology, aerodynamics, ballistics, telemetry, propulsion, and aerial navigation. Laboratory work will focus on the application of concepts learned in class, to real-world experiences including weather observation and forecasting, flight-vehicle design, and navigation. 

*Must take Honors Aerospace I & II in the same year to meet science requirement or the class will be counted as an elective.

*This course is a prerequisite for Aerospace Science II.

Textbook/Class Resources:

Materials will be made available by the instructor and student accounts charged accordingly.