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Forensic Science

Course: 305

Grade Level:
Course Length:
1 Semester
.5 Credit
  • Biology
  • Chemistry or concurrent enrollment in Chemistry

Course Description:

This is a one-semester course that involves the application of biological, chemical, and physical principles to the investigation of physical evidence in criminal cases. The course focuses on leading-edge technologies police and crime labs rely on to apprehend criminals. The course includes case studies and videos of actual criminal cases. Topics covered include fingerprints; hair and fabric analysis; glass; serology; and firearms. Critical thinking and analytical skills are emphasized. Laboratory is included.

Does not meet science requirement for a 3rd full year class

Textbook/Class Resources:

9780757585517, Funkhouser, Forensic Science for High School, Kendall Hunt, 2009

9780471283690, Evans, The Casebook of Forensic Detection:  How Science Solved 100 of the World's Most Baffling Crimes, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996 or 1998