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AP Biology

Course: 350

Grade Level:
Course Length:
Full Year
1 Credit
  • Biology with a 90 average or Honors Biology with 85 average
  • Chemistry with a 90 average or Honors Chemistry with a 85 average
  • Departmental approval

Course Description:

This course is a college-level survey of biological topics. Students should be aware of the demanding nature of this course in terms of the difficulty of the material presented, the amount of preparation required, and the difficulty of unit examinations. Topics covered include chemistry of life; cell structure and function; cellular energetics; cell communication and cell cycle; heredity; gene expression and regulation; natural selection; and ecology. Critical thinking and analytical skills are emphasized and inquiry-based laboratory investigations are required. Prior to the first day of school, students are required to complete a summer assignment.

Textbook/Class Resources:

9780133102178, Urry, Campbell Biology in Focus: AP ed., Pearson, 2014

9780134546902, Holtzclaw, Test Prep Series for AP Biology, Prentice Hall, Inc. 2017