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AP Captsone Program

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The AP Capstone program is intended to provide interested students with a strong foundation in research and analytical skills that are critical to engaging in innovative independent work at the undergraduate and graduate level. It is comprised of two year-long AP level courses: AP Seminar and AP Research. These courses are interdisciplinary and focus on developing critical thinking, collaborative abilities, time management, and the ability to systematically conduct research and synthesize information. Students who earn a passing score in AP Seminar and AP Research in addition to four other AP exams at St. Joseph’s will be eligible for the AP Diploma. 

Students may take the AP Seminar course beginning their sophomore year. Successful completion of this class is a prerequisite for the AP Research course. Individuals interested in enrolling in the Capstone program must submit an application to the Dean of Academics prior to registering for the AP Seminar course. 

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