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Course: 209

Grade Level:
Course Length:
Full Year
1 Credit


  • Pre-Calculus or Honors Pre-Calculus or Advanced Algebra for College

Course Description:

This introductory-level course will examine a variety of topics dealing with gathering, organizing, and analyzing data. Students will investigate averages and variances, regression and correlation, various probability models, normal distributions, scientific sampling, and making inferences with both confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Students will use the statistical and graphing capabilities of their calculator, as well as computer software. The goal for the course is to provide students with an introduction to a course that is fast becoming the prevalent required math for almost all college majors.

Textbook/Class Resources:

9781319244323, Starnes, Statistics and Probability With Applications, Freeman, 2021
or 9781319251826, eBook version   Statistics and Probability with Applications, 4e