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Honors Pre-Calculus

Course: 214

Grade Level:
Course Length:
Full Year
1 Credit


  • Honors Algebra II with 85 average or Algebra II with 90 average
  • Departmental Approval

Course Description:

This course is a faster-paced, more in-depth study of Pre-Calculus. Students enrolled in this class have demonstrated an aptitude for mathematics and the willingness to commit extra time and effort in studying for the quality point they earn. Those expecting to take Calculus in high school should be eligible to enroll in this course. Pre-Calculus is the fourth course in the systematic study of college-preparatory mathematics. Students in Pre-Calculus will continue investigating the similarities and differences of various functions. Students will examine the relationship between a function and its graph. The second semester of the Pre-Calculus course is an in-depth study of trigonometry. Students will correctly use mathematical terms and symbols when speaking and/or writing. Accuracy, neatness, and organization are stressed in this class. The development of higher-order thinking skills is a primary objective, including recognizing mathematical patterns and making inferences. 

Textbook/Class Resources:

9781133949015, Larson, Precalculus, Cengage Learning, 2014