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Course: 202

Grade Level:
Course Length:
Full Year
1 Credit
  • Algebra I

Course Description:

Geometry is the second course in the systematic study of college-preparatory mathematics. Students will build a mathematical system from the ground up based on three undefined terms and a system of postulates and theorems. Students will use reasoning to construct the theorems of Geometry, first by understanding informal proofs written by others and, eventually, by writing concise, logical proofs of their own. Students will develop their powers of spatial visualization in two and three dimensions. Students of Geometry will discover the relationships among and between properties of various geometric figures. Students will correctly use mathematical terms and symbols when speaking and/or writing. Accuracy, neatness, and organization are stressed in this class. The development of higher-order thinking skills is a primary objective, including the necessity of precise language.

Textbook/Class Resources:

9780395977279, Jurgensen, Geometry, McDougal Littell, 2000