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AP U.S. History

Course: 450

Grade Level:
Course Length:
Full Year
1 Credit
  • 90 in Previous Honors Level History and English Courses or AP European History with 85 average
  • Departmental Approval
  • Students seeking admittance into this course against departmental recommendtion will be required to sit for a timed essay based on an historical prompt

Course Description:

*Recommended: PSAT Reading score of 31 or better.

*Students seeking admittance into this course against departmental recommendations will be required to submit a writing sample from a previous history course. 

This course is for advanced history students who have achieved high performance in previous history classes. Students will study a college curriculum with collegiate-level expectations and workload. The primary focus is to prepare the students for the national AP exam; thus, the class is conducted in a more teacher-directed manner than non-AP classes. American history from pre-colonial times through the 1970s is covered in depth. Students will become well-versed in essay writing and higher-level thinking skills of evaluation, analysis, and synthesis. The interpretation of primary sources and differing methods of data presentation are incorporated at every level, as are map skills. Summer reading is extensive and required.

Textbook/Class Resources:

9780072295818, Franklin, From Slavery to Freedom; A History of African Americans, McGraw-Hill, 2000

9780553269147, Hymowitz, History of Women in America, Bantam, 1978

9780357432815, Kennedy, The American Spirit 13th ed.: United States History as Seen by Contemporaries, Cengage, 2019

9781690305507, Newman, United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam,4th ed.  Amsco/Perfection Learning, 2021. Students may purchase text directly from here:

An AP Workbook is required, and will be billed to your account.