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Composition & Literature

Course: 501

Grade Level:
Course Length:
Full Year
1 Credit

Course Description:

The focus of this class is two-fold: to strengthen research and composition skills and to develop analytical thinking skills through the examination of the different genres of literature, with an emphasis on ancient and medieval literature, and classical themes. Much time will be devoted, as well, to vocabulary building. Students will master the expository, persuasive, and critical analysis forms of writing, as well as the research paper. The literature study will encompass a survey of epic and lyric poetry, the short story, drama, allegory, and the novel. Students are required to complete summer reading and accompanying assignment(s) prior to the first day of school.

Textbook/Class Resources:

It is essential to obtain these particular editions:

9781319182694, Hacker, The Bedford Handbook: Eleventh ed., Bedford St. Martin’s, 2020
(The Bedford Handbook will be used throughout the year, and subsequent years, for many purposes.
The eleventh edition is absolutely essential for classroom use.)

or 9781319361082, Hacker, The Bedford Handbook with 2020 APA Update: Eleventh ed., Bedford St. Martin’s, 2020

9781586174392, Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet: Ignatius Critical ed., Ignatius Press, 2011

9780156027649, Sophocles, translated by Fitts and Fitzgerald, Oedipus Cycle of Sophocles, Harcourt, c1939, c1977, [2002]

9780743253970, Knowles, A Separate Peace, Scribner, 2003