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Summer Opportunities

TeenLife Guides

TeenLife’s annual guides are here to provide you with the latest information on some of the most exciting teen enrichment opportunities. Check out our digital guides below to learn more about: summer programs, gap year programs, STEM programs, online programs, performing and visual arts programs, and more! Once you open each guide, you can download a PDF by clicking the down arrow on the upper left hand side of the screen.

Summer Opportunities Fair

All fairs are virtual and are 6pm - 9pm

January 20th

February 24th

March 17th

April 14th

Online Summer Program Directory

Summer programs for high school students allow teens to find opportunities to gain experience and build a resume. Teen summer educational programs are great for improving a teen’s knowledge base in a specialized area while providing the teen with a way to experience a subject that he or she may love. These educational summer programs for teens are perfect for exploring interests and choosing a future subject matter to specialize in.

College campus summer programs for teens allow high schoolers to experience living on a college campus, which can prepare them for college. Precollege summer programs for high school students are a great experience that can help the teen choose a college. Because teen precollege summer programs are typically on campus and away from home, teens gain new skills while meeting others who may be attending the same college later.

No-Cost Pre-College Programs - Summer of 2022

  • AI4All @ Carnegie Mellon: Provides opportunities for students who have been historically excluded in STEM to study artificial intelligence with full-time faculty, staff, and researchers who are leaders in the field. (3-week program)
  • Computer Science Scholars: Provides students who have historically been excluded in the field of computer science an opportunity to explore the field of computer science with full-time faculty, staff and researchers who are leaders in the field.  (4-week program)
  • Summer Academy for Math and Science:  Allows students from underrepresented communities to develop a deeper understanding of STEM via traditional classroom instruction, hands-on projects, and sustained engagement with world-renowned faculty and skilled staff mentors. (rising seniors only, 6-week program)