Student Support Services

St. Joseph’s recognizes that students often need additional support to achieve their full potential. Under the direction of the Dean for Student Support Services, a number of initiatives are in place at SJCS:

St. John Bosco Academic Achievement Center

The AC is open to all students throughout the school day, as well as after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Students may also make an appointment to utilize the AC before school or after school on Wednesday or Friday afternoons by emailing the Achievement Center Director. The AC has designated spaces for tutoring, completing assessments, or study.

Professional Tutors

Students are permitted to meet with professional adult tutors during the school day. Acceptable times include before and/or after school, lunch period, Thursday Study Help, and during their regularly scheduled Study Hall. The Dean of Student Support can provide tutor recommendations, if needed. Contractual tutoring agreements are between the family and the tutor. As such, payments from the family are made directly to the tutor. SJCS does not bill students for professional tutoring services.

Freshmen Focus

Freshman Focus is a program that aims to support at-risk ninth graders with the transition to High School. The course meets daily and is available to those students referred by their teachers and/or administration. Students receive a half elective credit for each semester they are enrolled in the program.

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors are available to assist students throughout the school day. There is no fee for this service. Students may drop in at their convenience to receive assistance.

Knights Success

Knights Success is a support program that meets two days per week. It is available to seventh and eighth graders who are referred by their teachers and/or administration. The course replaces one related art rotation per week.

Catch-Up Support

This program provides academic support for students who have missed, or will miss, a significant amount of school due to a planned or unplanned absence. Five or more consecutive absences are considered significant and eligible for support. This program also serves those students who have suffered a concussion and have been recommended for academic accommodations by a physician or athletic trainer.

St. Thomas Aquinas Program

The Aquinas program is available to students with one or more documented learning differences. A psychoeducational evaluation completed within the past three years is required before a student can be considered for eligibility into the program. Once enrolled in the program, an updated evaluation is required every three to five years. There are two tiers of support within the Aquinas Program:

Accommodation Plan Only – Eligible students receive classroom accommodations designed to meet the student’s individual learning needs. There is no fee for this service; however, students are required to meet with the Director of Aquinas at least once per quarter. Parents should contact the Dean of Student Support to initiate an Academic Accommodation Plan.

Aquinas Instruction – Students with an Academic Accommodation Plan in grades 6 through 12 are eligible to register for a class period of Aquinas, and students fully enrolled in Aquinas receive one credit per year towards graduation requirements. Students meet every day with the Aquinas Director, who focuses on helping each child with his/her individual learning needs. There is an additional fee for the class. Please contact the Dean of Student Support or Aquinas Director for enrollment information.


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