Academic Support Services

St. Joseph’s offers several academic support services through our St. John Bosco Achievement Center Services, including:

St. Thomas Aquinas Program

Serves those students (grades 6-10) who have been identified as having learning disabilities and/or ADHD. These students represent a unique group of college-bound boys and girls who possess average to above average ability, but who require some assistance in developing academic and organizational skills. Students meet every day with the program director for a 45 minute period. Help is given in all content areas. Students must have a recent Psycho-Ed evaluation (completed within the last three years) on file.

St. Thomas Aquinas Parent Agreement Form

Knights Success

Knights Success is a study skills and support program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who struggle with organization, study skills, and/or time management. The Knights Success instructor guides students through the process of note taking, homework management, projects, organizations or materials, and time management. Students are referred by teachers and/or administrators and meet with the instructor for a 45 minute period two times a week during the school day.

Freshmen Focus

Freshmen Focus is a study skills and support program for freshmen. This program takes a ‘bigger picture’ approach. Rather than offer students tutoring for specific assignments or teach them content area skills, students work closely with the Freshmen Focus instructor to help ease the transition into high school. With the instructor, students develop skill sets including time management, test-taking strategies, study skills, and note-taking methods. Students meet with the instructor twice a week. Students will receive ½ elective credit for participation in this program. Students are referred by teachers and/or administrators.


Available as needed. Contact Greshan Charlton for information regarding professional and student tutoring options.

After-School Help Sessions

These are scheduled after school by each individual teacher. Parents should contact the individual teacher to check his or her schedule. 

Summer Academy

Summer Academy provides summer opportunities including middle school summer school and high school credit recovery, as well as enrichment and remedial workshops for both middle and high school students. Additionally, college application workshops and essay workshops are provided to help rising seniors get a “jump start” on their college applications.

Parent Resources

Below is a list of Upstate testing agencies that provide consultation and diagnostic assessment regarding various attention, learning, and social-emotional concerns.


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