Aug 7, 2019

By Bob Castello
SJCS Director of Communications

Madeline Fric didn’t know until a little over a month ago that she’d be heading off to Benedictine College in Kansas, nearly 1,000 miles from home, and she doesn’t know where she’ll be a year from now, and she’s not really concerned.

She has God as her compass.

“I’m really just an instrument of whatever God wants me to do,” Madeline, a 2014 SJCS graduate said during a recent stop at her alma mater.

Madeline, who graduated from Samford University in December, recently committed to volunteer as a missionary with FOCUS — Fellowship of Catholic University Students. It’s been a long, interesting journey, one that she travels with a smile and with her faith in tow.

Upon graduation from St. Joe’s, Madeline enrolled at the University of California, San Diego, but she transferred after one year. She began at Samford in the spring of 2016 and became involved with FOCUS that fall.

After graduating from Samford in December, Madeline accepted an internship with FOCUS in Denver this past spring, after which she was asked to work at its summer training program.

“It was about halfway through training and I had four days to pray and discern if this was what God was asking of me,” she said, “and through Mary’s Fiat and the Blessed Sacrament — I think those were the two things — it was very clear that God was inviting me to be a missionary this fall, and I decided to go to campus as a missionary with Focus.

“I couldn’t be more excited or more certain that this is what God has asked me to do.”

She’s headed to Benedictine, “another surprise she didn’t see coming,” but despite the distance, she’s excited to follow God’s plan for her.

As for her daily activity, Madeline said it will consist of Mass, praying a holy hour and praying a rosary as a team. She’ll be encountering students on campus, meeting girls for meals and Bible studies and fun events in the evenings like basketball and bonfires.

“I think the biggest part for me is the community aspect, the call to be friends and grow together and encountering a deeper love for Christ through friendship,” Madeline said.

As for a long-range plan, Madeline said she knows only that she has a two-year commitment with FOCUS and that she’ll be at Benedictine for at least a year.

“I know that Benedictine is where I’m supposed to be for this next year, so that is where God is deciding to work His will,” she said. “But I’ll probably take it year by year and see if I’m called to stay longer.”

Madeline said St. Joseph’s continues to have a huge impact on her experiences.

“I think St. Joe’s is where I discovered what it means to have faith and the desire to continue to pursue that throughout my life,” she said. ” I don’t know who I would be without my experience at St. Joseph’s.

“I definitely attribute it to the teachers as being role models for what it’s like to live the experience of the Catholic faith and the desire to show that with us. I can see that as a gift I received here. And I still keep in touch with some of the amazing friends that have journeyed with me since I graduated.”

For more about Madeline’s work with FOCUS and about supporting her journey, go to:

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