St. Joseph’s commitment to diversity and recruiting exceptional students means increasing endowment for scholarships, both need and merit based, must remain a strategic priority.

What is the St. Joseph’s Catholic School Endowment?

The St. Joseph’s Endowment is a financial tool that is intended to provide ongoing funds to the school to provide scholarships and other financial aid to students of St. Joseph’s Catholic School.

By supporting our Endowment through creating a Named Scholarship or contributing to an existing Scholarship, you are providing the opportunity for deserving students to receive a St. Joseph’s education, and thereby helping to equip them to go out and change the world!

Please contact Kevin Meyer in the Development Office with any questions.


How can a contribution be made to the Endowment?

Any contribution made to the Endowment is fully tax deductible because of the 501(c)(3) status. The most common contribution is cash. Things like appreciated stock, life insurance policies and annuities are common sources of funds to be contributed.

How does the Named Scholarship program within the Endowment work?

A Named Scholarship can be established to memorialize someone or in honor of someone. A Named Scholarship must have a value of at least $10,000 to provide funds. This amount can be in a single donation or can be achieved over time (no more than 5 years) via partial donations. After the Named Scholarship reaches the $10,000 threshold it will payout each year. The donor can work with the Endowment Board to develop criteria for the scholarship (examples might be to specify a feeder school graduate, membership in a specific parish, greatest need, etc). There is no requirement that specific criteria be established.