UKnight Capital Campaign

The Campaign to Strengthen Mind, Body, & Soul in Christ


After months of construction, the final details are in place and the UKnight building is almost ready for use! A hearty thank you to all of you who have helped make the campaign a success! For those who have not yet had a chance to make your pledge, we certainly still welcome and need your gift.

Participation by Grade Level
12th grade – 36%
11th grade – 27%
10th grade – 36%
9th grade – 38%
8th grade – 35%
7th grade – 36%
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If you are still contemplating adding your gift to this project, we would love to have your participation!

Please contact Headmaster Keith KiserDirector of Development Kevin Meyer, or any Campaign Steering Committee member with any questions. Please consider what role you will play in helping St. Joseph’s Catholic School UKnight!




Outside Rendering


Level 1


Level 2 & 3







What is the UKnight Campaign?

The UKnight Capital Campaign is the means of connecting the academic building to the gymnasium. This endeavor will unite our campus by adding two new science laboratories, flexible meeting and classroom space, four new locker rooms, and athletic department offices, bringing together our academics, athletics and arts to grow opportunities for every child.


Why does St. Joseph’s need to build the new building?

Connecting the academic building to the gymnasium has always been a part of the master plan for St. Joseph’s. The additional science labs/classrooms are needed to accommodate our students at our current enrollment level. In addition, the locker rooms and athletic offices have been needed since we originally built the gym. We know that our current space does not provide the positive, welcoming environment for our students or visiting teams.

We need your support now, more than ever. The construction of the new building will allow us to complete the original plans that were created in the early 2000’s and give our students the opportunities they need to grow and thrive.

What is the cost of the project? How much will need to be raised from philanthropy?

The estimated cost of the project is $4.5 million. Based on the recommendations from the feasibility study we conducted prior to the campaign, we set a working goal of $2.5 million to be raised through the UKnight Campaign. The school is in a position to secure long-term financing for the difference. The more we are able to raise, the less we will need to finance.

If I/we are still paying on my/our pledge to the St. John Paul II Center, will I be asked to make another gift?

We are extremely grateful for the generous support we received to enable the completion of the JP II Center. The difference it has made on our campus is incredible. The UKnight Campaign will provide even more opportunities for our students and we hope that everyone in our school family will want to participate. If you have not yet completed your JP II pledge, we hope you will consider extending your pledge payments for an additional three years at the same or an increased level, whatever is right for you.

What is the timing of the campaign?

The plan for the UKnight Campaign is to secure the lead gifts during the fall/early winter of 2015/2016. Once the majority of the lead gifts are committed, the campaign will shift into the larger public phase where the entire St. Joseph’s family will be asked to contribute. Our goal is to raise all the needed pledges by the fall of 2016. This will allow us to begin construction in early 2017 and use the facility in 2017-18.

Will the new building increase the size of the enrollment of the school?

No. We know that the size of our St. Joseph’s family is one of the things that makes the school so special. The strategic plan for SJCS is to maintain our current enrollment.

Steering Committee

Joe and Mary Salgado, Campaign Chairs

Dr. Joseph Moon, Honorary Chair

Kiera Egan

Doug Kopscik

Marie Kernell

Brian and Lisa Seidel

Ed Stein