Sixth Grade Academy

Looking for something extraordinary?

Beginning Fall 2018 – A new approach to helping your sixth grader grow and flourish during their middle school years.

Is your family looking for a truly unique and empowering 6th grade experience that will set your child on a strong foundation for their middle and high school years? We are pleased to introduce our new Sixth Grade Academy, starting Fall 2018. Already being acclaimed by the Greenville community, the Academy is designed to not only ease the transition of this critical year in your child’s education, but to ensure that they are surrounded by caring and dedicated teachers who create a supportive environment to encourage your child’s love of learning.

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What is the Academy?

What’s “new” about the approach?

So is it really just new space?

Will the students be on their own all day?

Will the classes still be single-gender?

In a nutshell, here’s what’s NEW! in Sixth Grade for next year:

• Dedicated teachers that will ONLY teach in sixth grade means better connections with their students
• Dedicated space that includes not only classrooms, but meeting space for cross-curricular activities
• Responsive schedule that can change according to student needs within the curriculum
• A focus on team-building and belonging, including activities that help integration into a new school
• More access to Chromebooks and classroom technology
• Virtue and character focus within the curriculum, especially literature
• More opportunities for field trips and guest speakers
• Common planning period for all sixth grade teachers to help identify student needs and design support
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