"My Fair Lady"
April 2005

Eliza Doolittle: Laura Gragtmans
Henry Higgins: Maury Reed
Colonel Pickering: William McClintock
Mrs. Pearce: Cecilia Vinesse
Upstairs Maid: Chris O'Connor
Downstairs Maid: Emily Kiser
Chamber Maid: Juliane Laskowski
Cook: Caroline Rainey
Charles (Chauffer): John Haut
Butler: Adam Broering
Freddy Eynsford-Hill: Alex Grim
Mrs. Higgins: Alex Eichler
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill (Ascot/Ball): Sally Cade Holmes
Alfred P. Doolittle: Zachary Beck
Harry (Ball): Kevin Canty
Jamie (Ball): Ben Novotny
Bartender (Ascot): Brian McGarry
1st Cockney/Busker: Matt Terry (Selsey Man)
2nd Cockney/Busker: William McDonough
3rd Cockney (Ascot/Ball): Brian Burnley (Hoxton Man)
Flower Girl/Mrs. Higgins' Maid: Sarah Fuller
Mrs. Hopkins/Busker (Ball): Danielle Statuto
Prof. Zoltan Karpathy: James Boman
Angry Woman (Ascot/Ball): Megan Early
Angry Man/Footman/Policeman: Graham McDonald
Lord Boxington (Ascot/Ball): Thomas Powers
Lady Boxington/Queen (Ascot): Katy Reese

            Cockney Dancers                                   Ascot Dancers
Brelyn Holmes         Justin Mohr           Brelyn Holmes      Justin Mohr
Katie Eichler           Kevin Cleys           Katie Eichler        Kevin Cleys
Libby Koerbel          Matt Polowczuk     Libby Koerbel       Matt Polowczuk
Maryjoy Lepak                                  Maryjoy Lepak     Joe Sleeman
Sally Cade Holmes                             Amanda Valenza
                                                     Jackie Boyle
                                                     Aileen Mancini
                                                     Tori Liner
Cockney Chorus: Tara McGarry, Shelly Mamo,Sarah Moore, Hannah Sagedy, Maya Sawyers

Production Crew:
Theatre Manager, Set Designer: Daniel Beck
Choreographer: Mrs. June Horton
Orchestra Conductor: Mrs. M.J. Weiskircher
Production Assistant: Sally Cade Holmes
Assistant Production Assistant: Jenny Barto
Assistant Set Construction: Matt Polowczuk
Assistant Stage Manager: Brian McGarry
Technical Director: Sam Koerbel
Assistant Technical Director: Maury Reed
Sound Technician: Matt Sohner
Chief Costume Designer: Laura Gragtmans
Assistant Costume Designer: Chris O'Connor
Eliza Doolittle's Costume Designer: Brelyn Holmes
Property Designer: Dale Fagan
Costume Construction: Sissy Beck, Lucia Wilkes, Susan Demere, Janet Smith, Mary Becker, Elizabeth McLeer, Melissa Broering, Margee Hall, Maria Gragtmans, Therissa Roach
Eliza Doolittle's Hair Designer: Deborah Danahy, Elizabeth Lord, Margo Toney
Eliza Doolittle's Dresser: Margo Toney
Property Construction: Mary Kate Ramker, Robin Ramker, Dale Fagan, Brian McGarry, Sally Cade Holmes, Brian Sleeman

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