Yearly Campus Ministry Events

In addition to the class retreats, SJCS offers several events throughout the year geared toward fostering students’ awareness of their religious nature, their yearning for meaning, and the fulfillment offered by Christ and the Church. Below is a list of some of the key campus ministry events during the school year. For questions about any of these events, contact SJCS Campus Minister Gabe Lewis at

Freshman Trip to St. Augustine, Florida

This trip for incoming freshmen at St. Joe’s serves not only as an introduction to classmates and teachers at St. Joe’s, but more importantly as a first encounter with the Catholic spirit of the school. Senior class members of campus ministry help lead the freshmen in small groups, tours of the city, games, times of prayer, and more during this 2 day visit to this historic city.

High School Campus Ministry Kick-Off Day

On this day, open to any and all high school students, SJCS Campus Ministry proposes the school year theme in a way that is relevant to students, as a path to follow toward Christ during the academic year. The event takes place early in the school year on a Saturday afternoon, off-campus, and includes a meal, games, and a bonfire, as well as a brief lesson, discussion, and prayer.

Middle School Campus Ministry Kick-Off Day

The Saints of Christian history show us that the happiest people are those who love God and neighbor with all of their heart. On this Saturday evening in the autumn, 6th-8th grade students are invited to spend an evening learning about what the Saints can teach middle schoolers today. The event includes a dessert bar, team building, scavenger hunt, and a lesson with the campus minister, as well as a “nonfire-bonfire” and more.

Advent and Lenten Penance Services

The sacrament of confession is a privileged way to encounter the love and mercy of Christ in the Catholic Church. To this end, the school offers two penance services, one during Advent and one during Lent, when several priests from the diocese come to St. Joe’s to hear our students confessions. However, families are reminded that the parish is the natural place for the entire family to encounter Christ in the sacraments.

High School Advent Retreat

Advent is a time when the Church begins to anticipate the great joy of the coming of Son of God to our human world. Bethlehem changes everything, even for us, born 2000 years later. On this day high school students are invited to spend an evening in communion with one another and listening to the teaching of the Church in order to better prepare for Christmas.

March for Life, Washington DC

Each year hundreds of thousands of young people and families gather in Washington D.C. to give witness to the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death. St. Joe’s sees this testimony as part of Christ’s calling to cherish and protect “the least of these my brothers and sisters.” St. Joseph’s students are invited to attend the March for Life as part of their experience of the Christian family in action in the world.

High School Lenten Retreat

As Holy Week and Easter approach, Christians recall that they walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ toward Calvary, where the greatest is love is shown in the greatest self-offering. Any and all high school students are invited to attend a day of living “in the heart of the Church” in preparation for the celebration of the passion, death, and resurrection of the Lord. This retreat takes place on a Saturday afternoon in Lent each year.

Senior Mission Trip

As a capstone experience to the students’ journey at St. Joseph’s, members of the senior senate plan, promote, and execute the “Senior Mission Trip”, a four-day trip to do charitable work for a community in need and to have a final class experience before graduating.

2019 Kairos Retreat

Click here for a look back at the 2019 Kairos Retreat.


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