College Financial Aid & Scholarships

The cost of higher education at both public and private institutions continues to escalate. Many of the more expensive schools can become affordable if there is sufficient financial need-based assistance available.

Regarding cost, a college education should be viewed as a major life-time investment; one that will appreciate over time and add to a higher quality of life.

Financial need is determined by subtracting what the parent and student can afford, EFC (Expected Family Contribution), from the total cost of attendance.

Financial assistance can include loans, grants, scholarships, and work opportunities. There are three basic financial aid application forms to be aware of: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is used by all colleges; the College Scholarship Service PROFILE which is used primarily by private institutions, and an institutional form that an individual college may have created itself. Be prepared to complete any combination of these forms if you are applying for need-based financial aid. You are required to complete these forms online.

Financial Aid Websites
  • – Almost every college will require the submission of this free form to consider you for financial aid. You are encouraged to complete and submit this online.
  • – Some colleges will require the Profile in addition to the FAFSA. There is a fee to complete this form, and it is used to gather more detailed information about your finances.
  • – This is a very comprehensive site with lots of answers to your questions. It contains several financial aid calculators, loan information, and much, much, more.
  • – This site provides good general information on financial aid. It has a financial need estimator which will predict your estimated family contribution based on the information you provide. There is also an “Ask the Expert” section where you can send questions online and get a response.
  • – This site lists both private and public educational loans and has a tutorial on Financial Aid 101 which includes eligibility, the application process, and how to go about securing a loan. It also has calculators to compare different loan products.
  • – This is the financial aid site for the US Department of Education. The Student Financial Assistance Programs are the largest source of student aid in America. This site has a great deal of information including tax cuts for education and how to find out about direct loans from schools. 

Scholarship Information

Regardless of your financial situation, there may be one or more scholarships available to you. Scholarships are given by individual colleges, organizations, companies, and community groups, and they have many different criteria, ranging from an outstanding academic record, to demonstrating a special talent (art, music, athletics, etc.), to an unusual degree of community involvement. You may be eligible because you have a parent working for a specific company or the award may be for ethnic background or religious belief. If you are serious about finding monies for college, you should be willing to spend some time on your search.

Here are some resources to help you along the way:

  • View the Scholarship Link in Naviance
  • – This site includes a scholarship search database known as the Fund Finder from 3,300 national, state, public, and private sources. How to spot a scam is also mentioned.
  • – With this database, the student registers and is assigned a mail box on the site where information on new scholarship opportunities is posted. The database contains over 500,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans. Probably one of the best search sites available.
  • – The world’s largest and oldest private sector scholarship database. You will find scholarships here that you won’t find anyplace else.
  • – The most comprehensive “Going-to-College” resource on the Internet. Use it for all of your planning and paying for college needs.
  • – This site will run a scholarship search for the specific interests of art, biology, computer science, engineering, journalism, and nursing.
  • – This site offers a database of 3,000 sources and detailed search results.

New Scholarships

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The Cardinal Newman Society offers an Essay Scholarship Contest exclusively for high school seniors. This year is our third annual Contest!

High school students must sign up for our “Recruit Me” program (see the link below for eligibility requirements) to participate.

The winner of this year’s Contest will be awarded $5,000 toward the cost of attending one of the institutions recommended in The Newman Guide in the fall of 2019.

The topic for this year’s Contest is:

“From academics to student activities to residence life, what makes a faithful Catholic college attractive to you?”

Essays will be judged by how well they demonstrate appreciation for faithful Catholic education, as well as the quality of the writing. The Cardinal Newman Society reserves the right to publish submitted essays.


The SCCCW Reverend William F. Pentis Memorial Scholarship was established in 2009 to honor Father Pentis, an Oratorian Father, who served as Moderator for the SCCCW, providing spiritual support for more than 30 years. His work with Council was a labor of love.

General Information:
The SCCCW mission is to respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world. It strives to support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. The scholarship was, therefore, created to encourage and promote such themes among Catholic females from SC who are graduating high school. This merit-based scholarship grants one $1,500 award to its recipient.
Eligibility Requirements:
Eligible students must be female South Carolina residents, who are graduating seniors
planning to attend an institution of higher education (e.g., university, college, junior college, or technical school).
Student must be a Catholic in good standing, and a letter of recommendation from an
ecclesiastical body (e.g., priest, brother, deacon, or nun), a Director of Religious Education
(DRE), or a Youth Minister is required.
Student must be actively involved in school life and the community.
Submissions must be received by the deadline; no late applications will be considered.

Go here for more info: Scholarship Info

Image with recap of text.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must: demonstrate at school, at the workplace, and within the community the attributes of leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship;
demonstrate strong academic performance (minimum 3.0 grade point average/4.0 scale or equivalent); be citizens of the United States of America; be current high school seniors attending high school in the United States (students living on U.S. Armed Forces base and homeschooled students are also eligible); and plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study toward a bachelor’s degree at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States for the entire upcoming academic year.

Semifinalists will be required to provide a recommendation from a community leader, such as a high school principal, elected official or executive director of a nonprofit organization, and must provide documentation to certify academic performance and financial need. Finalists will be interviewed via Skype or telephone by a member of the selection committee.


Virginia Military Institute

High school students with a strong academic and well-balanced high school record may be eligible to become Institute Scholars.
Institute Scholars are awarded scholarship funds to supplement ROTC scholarships or other forms of financial aid in order to meet the full cost of attendance at VMI. Financial need is not a criterion for selection. In addition to the financial award, all Institute Scholars are automatically enrolled in Institute Honors.


1380 (combined) SAT (or) 31 ACT, High school GPA 3.7, Top 10% of high school class
Only incoming students may apply for this program. Applicants must apply both for admissions to VMI and or the Scholars program. Both applications must be received by admissions no later than Feb. 1. Outstanding candidates will be invited to make arrangements for an on-post interview conducted during an Open House weekend. Alternate dates for on-post interviews may be arranged in some circumstances.

Apply to VMI
Institute Scholars Application (PDF) or Apply Online

DEADLINE: February 1, 2019

The Silver Pen Writing Competition

Cascades Verdae is proud to announce the Silver Pen Writing Competition.  This is a unique opportunity to bridge the communication gap between younger and older generations.  Members at Cascades Verdae will judge the essays and choose 4 ranked winners.


Our judges are looking for:
– Research, insight and perspective.
– Theme development.
– Inspirational quality.
– Meaningful personal connection.
– Creativity.
– Clarity of ideas.

See more info here

Kittie Fairey Educational Scholarship


Wells Fargo Bank(trustee for this fund), has contracted with the Center for Scholarship Administration to support this fund.

Criteria: Plan to attend a 2 or 4 year institution in the State of South Carolina; be a resident of SC; have a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, demonstrate financial need.

Apply here


The HH Wildlife Fund is offering 4 scholarships to South Carolina students.  Please visit this website in order to find the application and criteria for these scholarships with interest in Wildlife Bio, Fisheries, Forestry, Marine Science, Law Enforcement, Criminal and Forensic Science, Journalism, Advertising, PR and Mass Communication.  Deadline is January 31!



The primary mission of the Watson-Brown Foundation is providing need and merit-based scholarships to select Georgia and South Carolina students attending accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States.  Merit and need-based scholarships are awarded to HS seniors and undergrads, renewable for up to 4 years.  Apply here before February 15, 2019!

Boston University’s most prestigious merit-based award recognizes students who show outstanding academic and leadership abilities. Every year, Boston University welcomes about 20 outstanding students to the Trustee Scholars Program. Many of our current Scholars had perfect 4.0 grade point averages in high school and typically ranked in the top 5–10% of their class.

In addition to exceptional academic credentials, Trustee Scholars are intellectually and creatively adventurous and demonstrate viewpoints, experiences or achievements beyond the usual. They are, in other words, not just top students, but extraordinary people. At BU, scholars also become part of a unique campus community that offers many intellectual, cultural, and social opportunities.

While the competition is especially rigorous, the benefits are considerable. A Trustee Scholarship covers full undergraduate tuition plus the University orientation and mandatory undergraduate student fees and is renewable for four years if certain criteria are met.

How to apply for the Trustee Scholarship

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The Danforth Scholars Program honors students with a passion for helping others. We are looking for students who have demonstrated leadership in service and a strong commitment to community. Danforth Scholars are also known for their academic excellence, personal integrity, and high ideals.

Named in honor of William H. and Elizabeth Gray Danforth, the former Chancellor and First Lady of Washington University from 1971 to 1995, the program is a tribute to their exemplary leadership and service. The program is funded by friends of the Danforths.

Danforth Scholars may receive full- or partial-tuition scholarships. The scholarship is renewed each year for the duration of the degree program, provided the scholar progresses academically and upholds the high standards of character required of scholars.

More Info Here!


Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program at Notre Dame: The Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program is a comprehensive merit-based scholarship and program that seeks to attract, encourage, and equip extraordinary students who will have a transformational effect on the Notre Dame community, the Church, and the world. The Program cultivates visionary leaders in the image of Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., the late President Emeritus of the University, an eminent educator, and a tireless advocate of social justice.  The Office of Undergraduate Admissions identifies outstanding candidates for HYSP. To be eligible for consideration, a student must apply for admission in either Restrictive Early Action with a complete application by November 1, or in Regular Decision with a complete application by January 1.

Washington University in St. Louis: The William H. and Elizabeth Gray Danforth Scholars Program is for students who have exhibited a capacity for service and leadership, as well as academic excellence, and who will embrace the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum.  In addition, they are looking for students who exhibit maturity, strong moral character, selflessness, and commitment to the community.  All materials must be received in our office by 5:00 p.m. Central time on January 2, 2019. Please see the scholarship program’s page for application instructions.

Last week, we announced our exciting new scholarship initiative – FLAGSHIP 50.  Through this program we promise to match the in-state tuition at the flagship institution of each U.S. state for qualified incoming freshmen.

That’s right, a private school education at a public school price – literally. And if students qualify for state or federal grants and scholarships, they can bring those awards to Oglethorpe, as well. Our FLAGSHIP 50 match program strives to ensure that a student’s needs and interests, not a school’s sticker price, will be the deciding factor in choosing a college.

You can read about students’ eligibility for the program here and you can check out Inside Higher Ed’s take on our new program. Our free Early Action application is now available on the Common App or at

SC Council on the Holocaust

The South Carolina Council on the Holocaust is pleased to offer a scholarship for graduating seniors that honors the memory of those who perished during the Holocaust.

The scholarship is open to high school seniors who will attend a two- or four-year college or university, with matriculation to begin in the 2019-2020 academic year. The scholarship is open to students in the state of South Carolina.

Students must submit a 750- to 1,500-word essay with a Works Cited page in MLA format addressing the following topic:

Thirty years ago, the South Carolina State Legislature established the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust to promote awareness of the Holocaust, its survivors, and its liberators, who called South Carolina their home. Write a convincing argument about the importance and relevance of Holocaust education to South Carolina today.

Student essays are due postmarked by March 29, 2019 or emailed by midnight. The essays will be reviewed by committee, with announcement of the award being made at the student’s high school awards night by June 30, 2019.

This scholarship is a one-time presentation of $1000, to be used to support the student’s first year of college or university education.

Link to Application

2019 Peck Law Firm Scholarship

Our 2019 essay contest is open to any American citizen, who will be attending a college, university, graduate school, or law school in the United States during the 2019-20 school year. Only students, who have a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply for this scholarship. This $2,000 scholarship award will be sent directly to the winner’s school and can be used for all school-related expenses.

Any student, who wants to be considered for the scholarship, must complete the on-line application that appears at the link below. All written scholarship submission materials must be received by 11:59 PM EST on May 31, 2019. The winner will be announced on July 31, 2019 and will receive a one-time award of $2,000.

The link for the application and more information about our 2019 essay contest can be found at:

Reedsy Creative Writing Scholarship

As the world’s leading marketplace of book publishing talent, Reedsy is passionate about nurturing the next generation of fiction authors. We have designed this scholarship to award a student whose writing displays a clear and unique voice with the potential to thrive in the competitive literary landscape.

Awarded twice a year, successful candidates will receive $1,000 towards educational expenses and be eligible for further sponsorship from Reedsy while they develop as a writer.

See More Info Here!