Sophomore Year

  • Evaluate your performance and your interest in each academic area. Continue to take challenging courses (Honors and AP). Remember to balance taking challenging courses with doing well in them.
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities that interest you. The level of involvement and accomplishment is most important, not the number of activities. Continue to record these activities.
  • Consider attending College Fairs (see College Counseling Calendar on SJCS website for dates and times) and try to meet with one to two college representatives that will be visiting St. Joseph’s in the fall.
  • Prepare to take the PSAT in October. Utilize the practice tests to become more familiar with test format and the types of questions found on the PSAT. You may also want to visit the College Board website at for more information on the PSAT.
  • Take the PSAT in October. The PSAT test is more than just practice for the SAT test. At St. Joseph’s, many of the AP courses require a minimum score on one of the PSAT sections as a prerequisite. This will affect both sophomores and juniors as you register for classes for next year. The test date is on our school calendar.
  • If you are traveling near any colleges, consider making an informal visit to that institution.
  • Use your summer wisely. Consider taking a summer course or participating in a special program related to your field of interest. Think about volunteering or getting some work experience.
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